Recovery Unplugged recognizes the numerous benefits of bringing your pet with you to treatment. Substance abuse and treatment are hard realities that can drain our willpower, but having our animals with us makes things easier.

Pets can help give us purpose and ease us through the transition to a life in recovery. Having your pet by your side could be the motivation you need to get clean for keeps.

Many people going into detox and rehab uproot part of their lives to get the help they need. For some, this might involve moving somewhere new, which can be both exciting and terrifying during this vulnerable time in their lives.

Our pets very often rescue us as we work hard to improve the quality of our lives. This type of absolute love, support and acceptance can make all the difference during the difficult treatment process. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond to make sure that our facilities are pet-friendly and inclusive.

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Addiction and substance use can break down even our strongest and oldest personal relationships. However, our pets’ love remains unconditional, even in the worst circumstances.

Animals, whether it’s a bird, a rat, a dog, or cat, have the ability to bring us unbridled joy. We tell them secrets, hug them when we’re sad, and we watch them do things that make us laugh. When a dog whines at us or puts on their puppy eyes for attention, we can’t help but find them funny and give in.

Pets bring a unique kind of light into our lives, and many of us can’t imagine giving up our pets for any reason. The good news is that at Recovery Unplugged, you don’t have to. At our locations, you’re given the opportunity to start down the path of recovery with your best friend by your side.

Starting over in rehab can be overwhelming, even with your pet by your side. Whenever you need some time to yourself, feel free to take a walk in our dog park, zen garden, or by the beach. Our facilities and music-assisted treatments are the ultimate combinations to get you sober.

Rehab and treatment can be a hard transitional period for many of us. By bringing your pet along with you for the ride, you can make an already tough time just a little easier. If you’ve been looking for a rehab that won’t separate you and your animal, Recovery Unplugged is the right place for you.


Going through the rehab process can be stressful beyond belief for many whose lives used to revolve around drug abuse. Many people in rehab are re-learning how to live and function without using drugs or alcohol as a crutch. For many pet-owners in treatment, having your animal with you during this process makes transitioning into recovery less stressful. Pet-friendly drug rehab has gained traction with sound scientific reason. Having a pet comes with a number of physical and mental benefits. Ultimately, these benefits can increase the success of substance abuse treatment.

74 percent

of pet owners self-reported improvements in their mental health. (HABRI)

95 percent

of pet owners can’t imagine giving up their animals for any reason

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Pets provide a much-needed sense of love, companionship and support. These factors are critical to the treatment and recovery experiences. During the early stages of recovery, having a purpose can mean the difference between life and relapse. Going to pet-friendly drug rehab can help you develop and maintain responsibility during the process of re-learning.

Pets also provide a sense of normalcy during the mental transition that occurs during rehab. Although you’re taking steps to improve your life, it’s normal to feel anxious, vulnerable, and nervous about your future when you’re so used to living with drug abuse. Being able to have your pet with you can put you at ease during this period of uncertainty.

Pets do the heart good and can help bring a sense of order into our lives that we may not even recognize. When your cat rubs its head against yours or your dog wags its tail, it’s easy to feel special and loved. For some, having their pet by their side might make the difference between maintaining recovery or relapsing.

Colleen T. and Kai

“I never really paid attention to lyrics in songs before I got to Recovery Unplugged, so it’s been good. I’m glad I was reintroduced to music. Between my dog and the music, I can’t go wrong. That’s why Kai came with me to Recovery Unplugged. I just needed music and my dog.”

Jo P. and Chloe

“She gave me the unconditional love that I needed to heal myself. She’s a constant reminder that I have a purpose."

Erin M.

"When I was at Recovery Unplugged, one of the first people I talked to was a girl with her dog. I was shy, antisocial, and scared going in there, but the dog instantly put a smile on my face. There’s a kind of comfort that people can find in a pet that can’t be found in many other places, and it helped me to put my defenses down much sooner than I would have on my own."

Kelsey B.

“My dog means the world to me, and I’m so grateful Recovery Unplugged let me bring her. Having her with me helped reduce my anxiety, gave me comfort, and made it easier to make new friends. She’s been through everything with me and still to this day helps me stay sober.”


During their lows, everyone finds an excuse to continue down the path of addiction. Sometimes pets can contribute to these excuses because people don’t know that pet-friendly rehab is available.

The problem is that the worse you allow your situation to get, the worse your pet’s quality of life gets too. Even though our pets are only a part of our lives, we’re the entirety of theirs. Don’t let your addiction get in the way of giving your pet the life they deserve too.

Our pet-friendly drug rehab takes the difficulty of this choice away and makes it easier for you to enter treatment. Bringing your pet with you into treatment means you’re taking steps to improve their life as well.

If you’ve been using your pet as an excuse for not getting treatment, it’s time to face the truth. Recovery Unplugged wants to use the power of music to help you get the treatment you deserve. Every day you keep using is another day your pet might lose its owner.


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