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Music Assisted Treatment

Recovery Unplugged uses music to help you or your loved one embrace addiction treatment and overcome alcohol or drug dependency.

Think about how your mood changes when you listen to music. The right tempo, melody or key-change can completely transform the way we feel, act, and see the world, even if it’s only for a short while. Music is specifically designed to help us feel in ways nothing else can, whether we want to be taken away from our problems or confront them head-on.

Now think about how it feels to battle addiction or substance abuse: the withdrawal, the guilt, the shame, the sickness, the fear, the desperation, the never-ending stress. Suppose you’re like most who are struggling with addiction. In that case, you can think of 1000 reasons not to get help because as difficult as life is in active addiction, you know the tremendous physical and emotional strength it will take, and you just don’t think you have that change in you—you do. Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you make it. Call us today at (855) 384-5794 to start healing today.

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Health Benefits of Music in Addiction Treatment

Music offers a variety of physiological and mental health benefits that can play a key role in the addiction treatment and recovery process, including but not limited to:

Depression Relief

Multiple studies have reinforced music’s ability to improve mood, ease depression symptoms and free people from negative thought patterns. Whether it’s something primal, like tempos and key-changes or something more literal like hopeful lyrics, actively listening to music transforms our mood and takes us places where we want to go, rather than where we feel stuck and feel like we have to stay. The rehab process is full of emotionally intense moments through which music can help you or your loved one find your way.

Anxiety Relief

In a situation where relaxation seems impossible, the right song or piece of music can quickly put you at ease, calm your nerves and help you safely let your guard down. It reduces the physical tension of anxiety and helps you focus on getting better, rather than feeling like you need to protect yourself.  Music has been proven to alleviate anxiety in a variety of treatment environments, including cancer care and more.

Chronic Pain

If, like so many, you or your loved one are worried about pain during the treatment process, listening to the music you love can help set your mind and body at ease. Whether it’s from withdrawal or an oversensitivity to pain related to opioid tolerance, acute and chronic pain are one of the most feared parts of the treatment period. Not only has music been documented to alleviate acute pain, but it can also help with the chronic pain that so often hampers long-term recovery.

Elevation of Mood

Music releases a surge of the chemical called dopamine, which is responsible for pleasurable sensations and responses in the brain. This chemical reaction improves general mood and disposition to help take you or your loved one out of the negative thoughts that so often get in the way of recovery. Dopamine is also the chemical that is responsible for the pleasurable response you get when you use drugs or alcohol.

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What Is Music Assisted Treatment?

Simply put, music assisted treatment is designed to make you or your loved one more readily embrace the treatment process. It uses our universal connection to music to help establish trust, reduce anxiety, and help you focus on your recovery instead of the difficult parts of addiction treatment that so often create barriers to effective and lasting recovery. Recovery Unplugged is the first and only addiction treatment organization to fully integrate music into every phase of the treatment process. Rather than peripherally incorporating a small music therapy component into our programming, we utilize music in every aspect of what we do, from our intake, admissions and detox to our group therapy and counseling.

How Does Recovery Unplugged Use
Music to Help You Heal?

You or your loved one will connect with music in a variety of ways during music assisted treatment. These methods are meant to address the different struggles that you or your loved one face in the wake of active addiction, including trusting people, opening up to others about your experiences, building community, gaining confidence and battling withdrawal symptoms.

  • Personalized Recovery Playlists
  • Songwriting and Poetry
  • Music-Focused Group Therapy
  • Frequent Performances from Artists in Recovery
  • Fully Equipped Music Spaces to Create Your Own Music
  • Open-Mic Sessions and Alumni Performances

Although Recovery Unplugged applies music assisted treatment to your addiction recovery, you don’t need a musical background to benefit from our program. We offer all types of treatment models, including inpatient and outpatient, and accept most private insurances. Start writing your recovery song today at Recovery Unplugged. Call us at (855) 384-5794 to start hearing and healing.


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