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Residential Addiction Treatment: The Safe, Comfortable Environment You Need

If you’re battling alcohol or drug addiction, you quickly come to appreciate that importance of safety and comfort. In a situation where each day is more painful, sickening and dangerous than the last, and where you find yourself completely unable to trust any other people, you need an environment where you feel safe, protected and comfortable as you work to overcome addiction. Recovery Unplugged offers you or your loved one the supportive, safe and comfortable living experience you need when you’re seeking residential treatment for alcohol or drug addiction. Contact us today at (855) 384-5794 to start getting the treatment you need in the environment you deserve.

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Wherever You Live, You’re Home

As important as it may be for you or your loved one to remove yourself from the circumstances that are driving your addiction, it can also be scary and nerve-racking to take yourself from the only environment you may know. No matter where you live in the country, you’re never far away from a Recovery Unplugged residential treatment center, we offer multiple locations throughout the United States, including:

Our residential care is a cornerstone of our inpatient treatment services and can include detox and medication-assisted treatment.

What Is Residential Treatment Like?

Residential treatment generally ranges from seven-24 days, based your ongoing progress or care needs. You may be more medically stable at this level of care, but require 24-hour nursing, and access to other types of medical assistance. You will receive safe, effective medical detox to alleviate your acute withdrawal symptoms. As your energy and appetite returns, your more able to embrace behavioral rehab and community involvement.

Each residential treatment program is tailored to the client’s specific needs, so you or your loved one will receive care deigned specifically with your care needs and substance use history in mind. Residential treatment also includes group therapy, individualized counseling and music-based therapeutic activities. Our therapists will work with you or your loved one to address the origins and triggers of your addiction to help you gain the insights and self-awareness you need to develop coping proper coping mechanisms. The ultimate goal of residential treatment is to help you or your addicted loved one incrementally heal in an environment free from distraction and potentially destabilizing outside factors and influences.


The approximate number of addiction treatment centers that accept private insurance.
Source: statista


The average rate of relapse for substance use disorder in the United States.

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Your Recovery Unplugged Residential Treatment Experience

We recognize that environment plays a critical role in your addiction treatment experience, and strive to provide a safe, comfortable and healing atmosphere while you or your loved one are staying with us at our facility.

Semi-Private Rooms

Our residential treatment centers offer clean, spacious, comfortable and fully appointed residences with 24-hour security and trained medical personnel on staff. Each treatment location offers its own unique assortment of amenities; however, they all offer many of the comforts of home that you or your loved one need during this admittedly trying process.

Freshly Prepared Meals and Snacks

We all know what a tremendous comfort food can be in any circumstance. Our residential treatment facilities offer freshly prepared meals and snacks from trained and experienced chefs. Clients have a choice of different dietary selections, including gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and more. We strive to accommodate all clients’ dietary restrictions.

Fully Equipped Music Spaces

So much of what we do at Recovery Unplugged is contingent upon your engagement with music, which is why we provide a space for you to write your music and poetry and see live performances from artists in recovery. You do not need a musical background to benefit from our residential treatment program.

Medical Detoxification

Detox and withdrawal management are fundamental elements of the residential treatment process. You or your loved one will get quality help from trained doctors and nurses as you overcome your physical and psychological symptoms. You don’t have to try and “ride out” the worst of your withdrawal on your own.

Do I Really Need Residential Treatment?

Addiction is a complex medical disease that requires dynamic care on multiple fronts. Relapse rates for the disease are between 40 and 60 percent. These rates are on par with other chronic diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure. Some of the main obstacles to successful recovery from addiction include lack of access or follow-through with medical care, lack of social or logistical support and the constant threat of bad influences from their everyday lives.

Residential treatment eliminates all of these obstacles. It gives clients a chance to remove themselves from these dangerous circumstances, learn why their recovery is important, and what they need to do to maintain it. The short time that clients spend in residential treatment can lay a solid foundation for the rest of their recovery. Contact us today at (855) 384-5794.


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