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Start Fighting Back Against Addiction: PHP Treatment for Your Alcohol and Drug Addiction

The issues surrounding your addiction are unique and you need a treatment option that is equipped to address your specific care needs. Perhaps your addiction has put you on the outs with your family; perhaps it’s cost you your job; perhaps you're just tired of feeling sick and in pain all the time. The partial-hospitalization program (PHP) at Recovery Unplugged strikes an ideal balance between depth of care, flexibility and independence. It offers you or your loved one the exact level of treatment and support you need depending your clinical issues and lifestyle. Don’t spend another second battling alcohol or drug addiction by yourself. Contact Recovery Unplugged today at (855) 384-5794 to start your treatment now.

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What Is PHP Addiction Treatment?

PHP treatment is a structured, ambulatory care model that includes a variety of treatment of services, including comprehensive behavioral rehab and counseling with a Board-Certified or Board-Eligible psychiatrist or addictionologist. The program involves a full daily treatment schedule of between five-six hours, and typically lasts between 10-15 days. Clients receive a maximum 20 hours of direct clinical care.

Programming includes group therapy, individualized counseling, and music-assisted therapies to give you or your loved one a fully formed care experience. and clients either stay in offsite transitional housing or at their own residences. Recovery Unplugged offers PHP treatment at multiple locations, including:

Recovery Unplugged is in network with many major insurance plans to make your PHP treatment more affordable and accessible.

Benefits of PHP Treatment

The reality of inpatient treatment is that, while sometimes necessary, it removes you from your everyday life and can create the potential for more obstacles for you to have to deal with when you complete your program. On the other hand, outpatient, and even IOP treatment programs, may not offer the level of care that you or your loved one needs to fully and safely integrate into a life in recovery and develop the behavioral tools needed to avoid relapse. Partial hospitalization programs offer the targeted care that a person suffering from prolonged and untreated SUD needs while allowing them to simultaneously work on the areas of their lives that have suffered in the wake of their substance use disorder. Clients are required to fully engage with treatment while being able to keep their finger on the pulse of their everyday lives each day.

20 Million

The approximate number of Americans who meet the criteria for substance use disorder (SUD).
Source: SAMSHA

2 Million

The approximate number of Americans who actually receive addiction treatment for their SUD.
Source: SAMSHA

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PHP Care Anywhere:
Our PHP Treatment Facilities

Get help from one of our multiple PHP treatment centers throughout the United States:

Recovery Unplugged Fort Lauderdale Treatment Center

Targeted, in-depth and flexible from leading experts in the addiction treatment field. Our Fort Lauderdale PHP rehab offers a comfortable and comprehensive care experience just a few minutes from the Atlantic Ocean.

Recovery Unplugged Austin Treatment Center

Our Austin PHP treatment facility offers music-assisted PHP care in one of the country’s musical hotspots. Our Austin location offers world-class clinicians, access to medically supervised detox and fully equipped production spaces.

Recovery Unplugged Northern Virginia Treatment Center

Recovery Unplugged Northern Virginia Treatment Center offers comprehensive PHP treatment to clients in the Mid-Atlantic region and throughout the country. Services including group therapy, individual counseling, coordination with medical detox and music-assisted techniques.

Music-Focused PHP Addiction Treatment

Through each program, there is a common thread of music that is manifested through listening, analysis, and appreciation, as well as performance, production, and writing. Clients do not need a musical background to take full advantage of our program’s therapeutic benefits. PHP participants have the opportunity to use their coping skills in their own communities.

Safe, Clean and Comfortable Housing

If you or your loved one are staying in transitional housing, we understand the profound role that environment plays in the treatment process. Our offsite transitional housing offers a clean, safe, discreet, and comfortable living experience so you can focus on your recovery. Guests also receive rides to treatment and to buy groceries and have access to communal kitchen facilities within their home.

Treatment that Meets Your Care Needs and Lifestyle

Our PHP treatment model may also provide a step-down option for clients who want to incrementally transition to an outpatient treatment program from a partial hospitalization model. The program offers a variety of clinical and lifestyle benefits such as redevelopment of critical life skills, medical care when needed and more. Don’t let addiction stop you from being the best version of yourself. Even if things look hopeless now, the Recovery Unplugged PHP addiction treatment option can help you declare your independence from addiction and take your life back. Call our experienced and qualified admissions specialists today at (855) 384-5794 to learn about your options.


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