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Outpatient Treatment Programs that Suit Your Unique Care Needs and Lifestyle

If you or your loved one are struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, the most important thing is to get help immediately; however, the type of treatment you receive can and should be balanced with your specific clinical needs and lifestyle obligations. While getting help for addiction is the most important thing, it can be very hard to focus or concentrate on your recovery if you’re worried about what’s going to happen to your family, job or other important things in your life while you’re in an inpatient program.

Recovery Unplugged offers comprehensive outpatient treatment programs to help you or your loved one get the help you need for alcohol or drug addiction without having to worry about seriously disrupting or destabilizing your quality of life. While outpatient treatment might not be the best option for everyone, it might be for you. Call our admissions department at (855) 384-5794 to find out more about your options.

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A Full Range of Care Services:
What to Expect from Your Outpatient Treatment Program

You already know what addiction has cost you; and if you don’t get help, it’s going to cost you even more. This is why you need comprehensive care that addresses each and every aspect of your condition. Your outpatient treatment program includes a full continuum of care, including but not limited to:

  • Group Counseling
  • Individual Psychotherapy
  • Music-Assisted Therapy
  • Supplemental Therapies
  • Aftercare and Continued Outreach

Duration and frequency of program will depend on which type of outpatient program you attend.

Which Type of Outpatient Treatment is Best for You?

If you or your loved one come to our outpatient treatment program, you will either be placed in either our intensive outpatient (IOP) or partial-hospitalization level of care, depending upon your clinical needs. Our PHP option offers structured treatment where clients either live at home or in a transitional living setting. This level of care can last anywhere between 10-15 days. Clients utilize the coping skills they cultivate in their program outside of the structured programming hours. This level of care is a critical turning point in recovery. Our IOP level of care lasts anywhere from 10-30 days. Clients live either at home or in a transitional living environment. You will spend between two and three hours in structured programming, and can attend either three, five or seven days a week, depending on ongoing care needs. The program also includes medical visits. Clients who have begun medication-assisted treatment will continue to follow up with their care providers as needed. The program is more independent with less frequent therapy sessions.


The approximate number of people served by outpatient addiction treatment each year.
Source: NCBI

20 Million

The approximate number of people who need treatment for substance use disorder.
Source: SAMHSA

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You’re Never Far from Outpatient Treatment

Recovery Unplugged offers multiple locations across the country to offer outpatient treatment to as many clients as possible and help people discover the healing benefits of music-assisted treatment. We are currently located in the following cities:


Clients work with our world-class behavioral health professionals and support staff. Treatment includes group therapy, individualized counseling, customized treatment programs and aftercare. As part of our commitment to using music to engage existing evidence-based treatment models, Recovery Unplugged Fort Lauderdale Treatment Center offers regular performances from artists in recovery, including our Feel-Good Friday and Open-Mic performances.


Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth Detox, Rehab and Treatment center offers a comprehensive suite of services for clients in all stages of the addiction treatment cycle, including outpatient and intensive outpatient care services. The facility is located minutes from the Intracoastal Waterway and offers a comfortable and healing environment. Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth offers detox onsite for individuals who need help with their withdrawal symptoms.


Our Austin, Texas drug and alcohol rehab and treatment center offers customized care for substance use disorder right in the heart of one the nation’s musical hotspots. We offer coordination with medically supervised withdrawal management services at our nearby detox center. Clients receive comprehensive, compassionate, and supportive care from leading industry experts to address the full breadth of their substance use disorder.


Recovery Unplugged Northern Virginia Treatment Center is located in close proximity to Washington, DC and offers customized outpatient treatment for alcohol and drug addiction, including group and individualized counseling, aftercare, coordination with detox and more.

Your Lifeline to
Lasting Recovery

Recovery Unplugged provides comprehensive aftercare plans to help clients maintain their success and rebuild their lives with diminished threat of relapse. We also offer access to certain medications, like Suboxone® and Vivitrol® to help eligible clients deal with the cravings and long-term withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid use disorder. We are fully committed to being your lifelong ally on your recovery journey. Contact us today at (855) 384-5794 to start your treatment today.


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