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Taking the Time: Your Drug and Alcohol Inpatient Treatment at Recovery Unplugged

If you or your loved one are dealing with alcohol or drug addiction, you probably need more help than you currently realize. Addiction breaks you piece by piece, going after your health, your relationships, your job, your money, and everything else that makes you a whole and functioning person, and without the right help, it will take everything and more.

But what does the “right help” look like? Inpatient addiction treatment offers a deeper level of care that allows you or your loved one to address the physical/medical, behavioral and lifestyle issues associated with your addiction. Recovery Unplugged offers comprehensive, compassionate, music-assisted care for alcohol and drug addiction. Contact us today at (855) 384-5794 to talk to an admissions staff and start your treatment right now.

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Is Inpatient Treatment
Right for Me?

Inpatient alcohol and drug addiction treatment offers you or your loved one a more in-depth level of care. Whether you’ve relapsed or have had limited success in an outpatient or IOP program, or you feel you need more help than they can offer, inpatient treatment at Recovery Unplugged provides a wide array of care services, including but not limited to:

  • Medically Supervised Detoxification
  • Comprehensive Behavioral Rehab and Counseling
  • Residential Treatment (If Applicable)

While you or your loved one may not engage with every element of inpatient treatment, Recovery Unplugged is ready to offer you a full and well-rounded continuum of care.

The Soundtrack to Your Recovery: Music Assisted Inpatient Addiction Treatment

When you come to treatment, it’s very likely that you’re the most vulnerable, sick, and confused that you’ve ever been in your life—that’s exactly why you’re coming to get help. You may also be uncertain and distrustful of people because of your experiences in active addiction. One thing that naturally endures, however, is your connection with music. Everyone has a favorite song or a piece of music that stirs something emotionally in them. Recovery Unplugged uses this connection to help you or your loved one become more comfortable and open to the treatment experience. We instill music into every aspect of what we do, from our group therapy programming to the personalized playlists we give you or your loved one, to live performances from artists who are in recovery, to open mics and other music-focused events. You do not need a musical background to benefit from our treatment programs.


The Number of People Who Report Music Easing their Anxiety.
Source: djmag


The Number of People Who Report Music Improving Their Sleep Habits.
Source: nature

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Addressing the Mind, Body and Spirit Issues
Related to Addiction

Get the help you need for every aspect of your alcohol or addiction, and start taking back everything it has cost you.

Compassionate and Expert Withdrawal Management

Get help for your acute withdrawal symptoms from trained doctors and nurses who can offer relief and intervene in the event of a medical emergency. Detoxification is a delicate and complex medical procedure that should be handled by trained professionals. Recovery Unplugged offers detox at our Lake Worth, Austin, and Nashville locations.

Regain Your Peace of Mind and Mental Health

Identify and address the root causes and sustaining factors associated with your addiction. You will receive expert care from committed and qualified mental health professionals. We also offer options to help you reconnect with your family and get the help you need for underlying issues like depression, anxiety, and other conditions.

Comfortable and Supportive Residences

Part of ensuring you or your loved one is comfortable and open to treatment is by making your time in our program as inviting and supportive as possible. Clients at our Lake Worth, Austin and Nashville facilities stay in beautifully appointed rooms, enjoy freshly prepared meals, and a variety of other amenities during their stay.

Start Your Recovery
from Addiction

By now you must be tired of the endless withdrawal symptoms, the loss of money, the family fights, the job loss, and every other nightmare that addiction has brought into your life. If you’re watching a loved one go through this, you can do more than you realize to guide them toward treatment. Recovery Unplugged is standing by to help you find out if inpatient treatment is right for you. We accept most major insurance plans and are ready to work with you to start writing your recovery song now. If you’re ready to take the first step toward a better tomorrow, call us today at (855) 384-5794 to start healing.


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