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I Need Help with
Alcohol Addiction

Maybe your life has become one long, continuous hangover. Maybe you’re spending more and more of your time playing catch-up with your responsibilities because you can’t seem to put them before drinking. Maybe the vomiting, headaches, loss of money and blackouts have gotten to be too much; you’re facing serious jail time from your third DUI; you’re losing your license, or you’ve been diagnosed with a serious medical issue. Whatever your alcohol addiction has cost you, it’s time to get it back. Recovery Unplugged offers comprehensive, compassionate and effective treatment for alcohol addiction at our locations across the country. Contact us today at (855) 384-5794 to start healing today.

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How Did I Get Here?

While dwelling or fixating on the past is hardly helpful, it’s vital to understand the origins of your alcohol addiction in order to overcome it. The National Institute of Health reports that over 14 million adults ages 18 and older struggle with alcohol use disorder. About eight percent of adults who had AUD in the past year actually received treatment. In the meantime, alcohol continues to kill around 88,000 Americans each year through both direct and indirect circumstances.

What does this mean to you? It means that while you’re not alone, you’re also not just another number. Each person’s path to alcoholism is unique; however, some of the broader common causes include:

  • Peer Pressure as a Younger Adult
  • Low Self-Esteem or Self-Confidence
  • High Levels of Stress
  • Family Life, Culture and Customs (for Families with Where Alcohol Is Always Present)
  • Having A Close Loved One with Alcohol Use Disorder

Other causes can include acute or long-term trauma, co-occurring mood disorders like depression or anxiety, or the inability to control cravings after prolonged periods of heavy, continuous binge drinking. Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you unravel the complex behavioral origins of your alcohol addiction to help you manage triggers and avoid relapse threats.

Effective Treatment for your
Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a chronic disease that can negatively impact the brain, body and lifestyle. Recovery Unplugged understands this reality and takes a holistic approach to treatment. Our alcohol treatment program allows patients to face the issues that led to their alcohol abuse. We want our clients to express and explore their emotions in a safe, healthy and supportive environment. Each client has their own set of stories, which is why we customize each treatment plan to each person. Patients work with therapists to develop techniques that help them deal with cravings in their daily lives. Components of treatment include:

Detox and Withdrawal Management

Instead of sitting at home or at work getting eaten alive by withdrawal, experienced and dedicated doctors and nurses will help you safely ease your symptoms, rebalance your brain chemistry and intervene in the event of a medical emergency. Recovery Unplugged offers medical detox at your locations in Lake Worth, FL; Austin, TX and Nashville, TN. The detox process typically lasts three to seven days, depending on the scope and severity of abuse.

Behavioral Rehab

Each client’s care is tailored to their needs and alcohol abuse history in our music-assisted rehab programs. Our treatment includes group therapy, one-on-one counseling, aftercare, and more. Recovery Unplugged offers a variety of programs to fit your care needs and lifestyle, including inpatient, residential, outpatient, long-term, partial hospitalization (PHP) and more. You will also receive a customized aftercare program to help you maintain long-term recovery. These plans include tips on applying the tools and insights you learned in rehab to everyday life in order to avoid relapse, as well as referral resources to addiction-trained therapists in your area.

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Am I Really an

If you have to seriously and honestly ask yourself this question, then you probably struggle with at least some level of alcohol use disorder. It’s time to stop thinking of alcoholism as an all-or-nothing disease. There are different levels of alcohol use disorder, including mild, moderate and severe. You don’t have to be falling down drunk every day or driving drunk every night to seek treatment if alcohol is getting the better of you. You’re asking these questions because there are key parts of your life that are suffering due to alcohol consumption, and you still can’t seem to stop drinking. It’s time to admit it, embrace the reality and do something about the situation.


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