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Seeking treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is the most important investment a user can make. It’s not always easy, however, for those struggling with addiction to get the help they need. We understand that it’s hard to find affordable addiction treatment. Recovery Unplugged is committed to reversing this trend and making the process more affordable so you or your loved one are free to concentrate fully on your recovery without worrying about what it’s going to cost you.

Helping You Afford the Treatment You Need

One of the fundamental concerns regarding addiction care is the ability to pay. Many addicts hear horror stories about the astronomical costs of healthcare and convince themselves that this resource is closed to them because of their inability to afford it. The reality is, that while the cost of treatment may, at first, be a bit jarring, there are more ways than ever to make sure you can get the help you need without having to experience financial hardship. As part of our comprehensive admissions process, Recovery Unplugged will help you navigate the insurance process and provide you with every possible opportunity to access quality treatment.

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Our representatives are standing by to guide you or your loved one toward treatment and better tomorrow. You don’t have to surrender your life to addiction. The sooner you reach out to Recovery Unplugged for help, the sooner you can start to reclaim your health and quality of life. Get the help you need now at (855) 384-5794.


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that as of 2013, approximately 23 million people needed treatment for a substance use disorder and that roughly 3 million actually received it. One of the primary reasons for this disconnect is that patients don’t think they can afford quality treatment. Rather than languish in a never-ending cycle of withdrawal and relapse, get the help you need from a professional treatment facility. Even if you don’t think you can afford treatment, more is lost by not calling than reaching out to our admissions representatives. We are determined to help you.


Higher recovery rates

Recovery Unplugged clients maintain long-term recovery (one year or longer) at a rate of four times the national average.


Higher completion rates

Our clients experience early AMA (against medical advice) discharges at a rate five times lower than the treatment industry average.


Client approval rating

Nearly all Recovery Unplugged clients report a positive, rewarding and fulfilling treatment experience and say they’d recommend our programs to others who need help.

5-Star Rated

Free Drug and Alcohol Counseling Assessment

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